If you’re wondering where your dues and other donation monies are being used to improve our Rock River, here are just a few
of the completed and on going Rock River improvements your association has accomplished! (Not in any specific order!)

  1. Installed commercial marine navigational solar lights on bridges and maintain with new bulbs and batteries when needed.
    If you boat at night, these are a great help to see what pass to use and where the supports are.
  2. Installed directional arrow & TALL navigation signs on the bridges to help guide boat traffic under bridges.
  3. Purchased additional buoys for no wake and hazard areas and installed flashing lights on them.
  4. Purchased a new Bimini shade top for the Sherriff’s patrol boat.
  5. Installed and maintain news and information stations at launch areas.
  6. Installed navigation solar light for entry to Sports Core launch on shore.
  7. Purchase, installation and yearly fees of an official U.S.G.S electronic gauge at Davis Park at the dam for spring of 2015,
    this is great importance to everyone viewing the water level gauges, as it will give the level at the dam.
  8. Create and maintain a professional Website that shows all area river gauges in one page, and other important Rock River
    information to home owners and boaters.
  9. Donate money to the Ski Broncs yearly for their program to further the Rock River’s value as an entertainment venue.
  10. Publication of the Rock River Homeowners Association Newsletter to keep homeowners and businesses on the river informed.
  11. Support by board members and homeowners by volunteering during Rock River cleanup events.
  12. Removal of trees to safer areas after flooding.
  13. NO WAKE signs and RIVER CLOSED signs at boat launches during high water and flooding