Weekend Update

Weekend River update:
Starting out this Sunday morning with a Little smoke on the water.
Current River temperature is 67°
Current River height at Latham 7.94.
We remain just below the no lake level so the river is open.
Water level is elevated north of Auburn Street for many residents that have docks in the water.
There is a lot of water still coming from Wisconsin so the current is quite strong still.
With the weather being decent today, there will probably be many boaters out.
There is a chance with today’s boat traffic that large trees that may be stuck on shore could become loose and start floating down the river.
Please be extra cautious to these conditions.
Boat waves are generally smaller when boats are up on plane as opposed to plugging along at 5 or 10 mph.
Please try and be courteous to not create large boat waves if possible, today due to River levels still being elevated. -Steve